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What is Black Runtz Strain?

Exceptional traits, an interesting genetic blend, and a cannabis strain that stands out from the rest: Black Runtz! If you are a cannabis enthusiast, this potent strain is what you need for an immersive experience. 

Origins of Black Runtz Strain

Black Runtz has been derived from Runtz strain lineage and inherits its genetic makeup from the two parent strains: Zkittlez and Gelato with an exceptional THC content of 24%. 

  • Zkittlez: presents an enticing flavor and aroma. 
  • Gelato: strong genetic profile which shapes the strain’s overall makeup. 

Black Runtz typically has small yet dense buds packed tightly together. The colors present a striking combination of dark green hue. 

The strain is characterized towards indica species so it is known to have relaxing and soothing impact much like the Apple and Banana strain

Furthermore, the buds are covered with delicate orange hairs weaved through the dark green structure. The alluring coating of frosty white trichomes give the strain a look comparable to morning dew. 

Trichomes are not just there to enhance how appealing Black Runtz is to the eyes. In fact, it adds flavor and improves the strain’s potent effects. 

How to Cultivate Black Runtz Strain 

Most breeders use common methods such as paper towel method or directly sowing the seeds for cultivation. Some use cloning as well which provides the strain the right balance of nutrients and fertilizers.

When the strain is in its flowering phase, it can take up to 9 weeks to grow. When the flowers reach their peak maturity, breeders harvest it and then dry the buds to protect its flavors. Plants grown inside mostly provide 1-2 ounces of growth. 

Where To Buy The Best Black Runtz Cannabis Strain

You can buy the strain through some of the websites that offer it in just a click and online payment. Some of them have extensive libraries of other cannabis as well. 

Black Runtz Strain Complete Profile 

Black Runtz Strain


It is a mix of flavors from distinctive diesel-like notes to undertones of sweet peach. The distinct lineage of the strain gives it earth qualities with a pinch of fruit sweetness that everybody loves. Overall, the flavor is quite captivating, indulging users deeper into its taste with every inhalation. 


You can compare the aroma to that of a spicy berry bouquet. You will also sense the welcoming scent of fresh berries with a pinch of spice. 

  • Limonene: The dominance of Limonene explains why Black Runts mostly gives off a citrusy aroma. In addition to the unique scent, this terpene also offers an uplifting and relieving effect. 
  • Caryphyllene: It adds peppery notes to the strain’s overall aromatic profile. 
  • Myrcene: Myrcene has herbal undertones but other than the aroma that it adds, this terpene is more prominent due to its flavor. It is considered one of the most crucial terpene in Black Runtz profile that enhances user experience with the strain. 


Black Runtz is known for its rapid effect. As soon as you get the first inhalation, a feeling of high-headedness and clarity will hit you. Consumers often describe it as a “sense of mental alertness”. 

This will be followed by a state of deep relaxation. Users feel at ease and relaxed after continued consumption of this strain. Therefore, many prefer it as an escape from the busy routine of life. 

There are certain side effects that users have to be mindful about. 

  • Some individuals may experience headaches if they consume higher levels. 
  • Users who are new to the strain can be hit by dizziness in the start although this is typically a temporary effect. 
  • Dry eyes is another side effect some consumers have reported. 

It is advised that consumers have moderate doses in the start and allow their bodies to adjust to the strain’s impact before consuming higher amounts. For dry eyes, hydrating eye drops are a quick fix. 

Benefits of Black Runtz Strain 

  • It has an uplifting and soothing impact. 
  • The strain provides medical benefits as well. It is used to treat anxiety, chronic nausea and insomnia. 
  • Many consumers have reported elevated moods and stress relief after a long day, 

User Reviews 

Users love it not only for the appearance but the well-rounded effects as well. The purple hues have more to offer than just good looks. 

It is loved for its rich and creamy smoke couples with citrusy flavor. It is a perfect cannabis type for individuals with anxiety. 

Take-Home Message 

All in all, the Black Runtz is a remarkable choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for an immersive experience. Its appearance coupled with potent effects makes it stand out in the cannabis collection. So, if you are ready to experience the charm of Black Runtz for yourself, dive in and let it take you to new heights. 

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Q: How long does the effect from Black Runtz last? 

Ans: Typically, new users will experience the effect for up to 4 hours. However, the duration may be shorter after continued use. 

Q: Is Black Runtz okay for people with low cannabis tolerance?

Ans:It is recommended that individuals with low tolerance should now overwhelm themselves with this strain. It contains high THC levels (24% to 30%). They should only have small amounts to avoid side effects. 


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