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Harrelson’s Own CBD Reviews


Harrelson’s Own CBD stands out in a sea of CBD products by promising instant pain relief and mood elevation. Harrelson’s Own CBD reviews will delve deep into what this product offers and whether or not it lives up to the expectations. We will also assess its cost-benefit analysis.

Harrelson’s Own CBD stands out from the competition in several ways. Offering Organic Time-Released Gummies, Instant Pain-Relieving Roll-On Cooling Gel, and Signature Blend Spray with Immediate Absorption as their offerings. These products aim to go beyond pain relief by combatting inflammation, elevating mood, relieving stress, and increasing energy levels, but do they deliver on these claims?

Harrelson’s Own CBD Consumer Reviews: Real-Life Experiences

Harrelson's Own CBD Reviews

One user experiencing chronic back pain shared their journey with Harrelson’s Own CBD after months of discomfort. Their decision was to give its cooling gel and oral spray a go and the results were promising.

The cooling gel provided quick relief through its warming and cooling sensation, significantly decreasing pain intensity. While it didn’t completely take away their discomfort, users could go about their day with less pain. However, they noted that some users found the oral spray unpleasant in terms of flavor, something which may put some off using it.

Harrelson’s Own CBD: An Overview

Before we dive deeper into specific products, let’s examine Harrelson’s Own CBD brand as a whole:

Company Background: Outline the history, mission, and values of your organization. Quality Assurance: Discuss its commitment to quality by discussing sourcing practices of hemp for manufacturing as well as third-party testing practices. Harrelson CBD Product Line

CBD Tinctures: It Lists the various concentrations and flavors available of CBD tinctures; and describes any special features or benefits they provide (for instance full spectrum or broad spectrum options). It also highlights any features unique to these tinctures (full-spectrum/broad-spectrum options, etc).

CBD Gummies: Harrelson’s Own offers a selection of CBD gummies in several flavors and dosages, so share any details regarding the taste, texture, or experience associated with eating these candies. Discuss their topical offerings like creams or lotions before discussing their CBD product range by Harrelson’s Own product range – they include creams, balms, or lotions from their product range as well.

CBD Topicals: Discuss the intended uses and potential benefits of CBD topicals.

CBD Capsules: Outline available options for CBD capsules, including their potency and recommended use, before outlining any unique selling points they might present.

Customer Testimonials: Invoke customer testimonials for further confirmation.

Provide excerpts or summaries of customer reviews and testimonials about Harrelson’s Own CBD products, both positive and constructive reviews are encouraged for an even balance.

Who Is Behind Harrelson’s Own CBD?

Harrelson's Own CBD Reviews

One might assume that Woody Harrelson, the famed actor, is behind Harrelson’s Own CBD. However, his brother Brett V. Harrelson actually owns and runs it. Woody serves as a brand ambassador by explaining himself in marketing materials.

Let’s look at Harrelson’s own CBD review to understand its strengths and weaknesses: Here’s our breakdown.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Established Since 2017
  • Active Presence on Social Media Cons:


  • Misleading Advertising of CBD Oil was Withdrawn
  • Unpleasant Taste Of Oral Spray
  • Suspicious 100% Money-back guarantee with Reprocessing fees


Overall, Harrelson’s Own CBD reviews reveal a mixed bag of its benefits and drawbacks. Despite taste and packaging issues and deceptive advertising claims, this product seems reasonably effective; user reviews on US reviews mostly report positive changes, with only a few reporting dissatisfaction. The brand boasts an overall rating of 4.2 stars from users, suggesting most find its services satisfactory.

Harrelson’s Own CBD could provide pain relief and enhance mood enhancement. Just be mindful of taste preferences and terms of money-back guarantees before making your choice. Your journey toward wellness awaits!



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