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Is Hemp Wick Healthier or Not?

The industrial hemp plant has been harvested for thousands of years and adopted for both medicinal and industrial purposes. It’s an intensively versatile plant that’s gradually making its way into the mainstream backing the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized the cultivation and absorption of hemp and hemp-rooted products. Among the several hemp products appearing on the market, hemp wick is one you may have heard normally mentioned in the cannabis community. It’s a lighting accessory famous among weed connoisseurs but one that gets often neglected.  So if you’ve gotten curious about it or are wondering about trying it for the first time, here we are! We’ll discuss what hemp wick is and what it’s adopted for as well as its impacts and how to use it.

Hemp Wick and How It Works

Hemp Wick

Hemp wick appears to be a bundle of twine made from twisted hemp fibers. Hemp wick has a narrow beeswax coating which compellingly slows down the burning rate of the twine similar to a burning candle. The beeswax also builds the hemp wick more structured and capable of retaining its shape when you light it. Being an all-natural product hemp wick is well-liked by health and atmosphere-conscious cannabis consumers. It produces a clean smoke that’s simpler on the lungs and sets to the ritual of making some cannabis buds to smoke. You will still require a lighting source to light the hemp wick which can be off-putting for some consumers but once you understand its charm and benefits, it won’t feel so superfluous anymore.

Why Hemp Wick for Smoking Cannabis

It may not look like it would make a big difference but adopting a hemp wick has numerous advantages and we believe that once you go for it, its slow-burning flame will triumph you over in an instant.

A Healthier Alternative to Matches and Alkane Lighters

If we compare “is hemp wick healthier” to other conventional lighting methods such as matches and butane lighters, they are a fast and convenient way to light a joint but they also produce a lot of toxic fumes. Frequently inhaling butane can become dangerous over time and a similar applies to the mixture of burning wood and glue when you light matches. All of this stuff is better kept away from your lungs. Moreover, since alkane lighters burn the weed at a high temperature, the smoke you inhale will also be very hot and obnoxious. Therefore hemp wick is a healthier alternative. Hemp doesn’t produce any toxic chemicals, the most you can perceive is a faint sweet scent of the beeswax. The light burn will release much cleaner fumes and the smoke won’t be as hot. 

Holds on More Flavor

The immense difference hemp wick will release for you is the flavor. Butane lighters blaze the cannabis buds at very high temperatures which spoils a large portion of the terpenes. This impacts the flavor superbly but not only that. The terpenes are also essential because they work synergistically with other cannabinoids like CBD and THC to build better impacts. Unlike alkane lighters, hemp wick burns at less temperatures because it’s coated in beeswax and several of the terpenes are retained. This seems to be a much more flavorful and wholesome smoking experience. You will be capable of tasting the pleasant flavor profile of the strain and your tokes will be smoother and fresher.

Atmosphere Friendly

Hemp wick is an organic and natural product and it appears from a renewable source which is why it’s a supernatural alternative. Hemp extends incredibly fast compared to some plants which mean that it’s accessible in abundance. Butane is manufactured from petroleum which is available only in optional regions making it a nonrenewable source in contrast. Furthermore, you’ll diminish the plastic waste from disposable lighters. One lighter will last you longer and you won’t have to purchase a new one every month.

Precise for Lighter

When you use ordinary lighters or matches, you’re primarily in a rush to avoid getting your fingers burned so you may end up with unevenly lit weed, something that often occurs with bowls. When weed burns unevenly the taste is affected and you may result in lighting it again which combusts the weed even more and makes it more bad. With hemp wick, you won’t have this issue because it burns slowly and lightly and it doesn’t lose its form or flame while you take your time to light the buds without rushing. 

How to Adopt Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick

Adopting a hemp wick is easy. All you require to do is light the wick and provide it a little time to start burning properly, this will also burn off any retaining fumes from the lighting source. Then light your buds as you usually would and take your time because the hemp wick will burn slowly and it will remain its sturdiness. When you’re finished blow it out and pack it for next time. 

It’s Hard to Go Back to Conventional Lighters Once You Try Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is a very smart twist of the classic hemp twine adopted for tying plants or making jewelry. The beeswax coating converts it into a great lighting accessory that not only enhances the taste of the smoke but also secures you from inhaling harmful gas. While utilizing hemp twine does need an extra step and may not be the quickest way to light those nugs, the procedure is far more rewarding. Those who consume hemp wick know that once you make the change it’ll be difficult to go back to conventional lighters.

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