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How To Do Vape Tricks?

Now that you have been vaping for some time, it is time to learn some cool tricks with it to impress your friends. Below is a list of beginner vape tricks with instructions on how to perform them!

From French Inhales and O-Blowings to rolling out, vaping tricks can be endlessly entertaining. To help get you started on your vaping adventures, we have put together this beginner’s guide to vape tricks. So, you can master the fundamentals before progressing further into advanced tricks. In this guide, we will cover several popular vape tricks that will get you started with vaping.

  • The Waterfall
  • The Tornado
  • Ghost Inhales
  • Blowing O’s
  • The Dragon
  • French Inhale
  • The Bane Trick

Learn How to do Waterfall Vape Tricks here.

How To Do Vape Tricks

The Waterfall vape trick is extremely simple. There are multiple methods you can take when doing it. Anyone can give it a go and give this vaping trick a go!

This trick works by gradually releasing vapor onto a flat surface to form a thick mist that stays put. You can do this using either your mouth or by inhaling vapor. Hold onto it for several seconds before slowly releasing it a couple of centimeters from where you started.

As with anything, using high VG liquid and powerful devices, such as vape mods, will produce thicker vapor clouds. Do not exhale, simply allow it to naturally flow from your mouth onto surfaces such as bottles or any other containers.

How to Perform Tornado Vape Tricks

The tornado may appear complicated, but it really is an additional step from the waterfall trick. Once your vapour has settled onto a flat surface, use your hand to collect and swirl it in the air, creating a tornado-like effect from it.

This simple yet impressive-looking trick will definitely impress your friends. Give it a try now to see for yourself!

How to Perform Ghost Inhale Vape Tricks

A Ghost Inhale trick entails exhaling a dense cloud of vapor in an elegant spiral and sucking it back in. Although it appears complex, with practice this impressive-looking trick can easily be accomplished.

Take in a long draw of vapor, keeping it inside of your mouth without inhaling. Let it sit there for several seconds, before gently pushing it out using your tongue without exhaling. As soon as it leaves your mouth, rapidly take another pull to bring it back in again.

The Ghost Inhale can be utilized in more advanced tricks, making it a good one to learn early.

How to Blow O’s With Vapes

Blowing O’s may initially seem challenging and time-consuming. With practice and persistence, however, the skill quickly becomes second nature and becomes second nature over time.

To blow O’s, hold the vapor in your mouth without inhaling and shape your lips into an O shape. It is difficult to describe exactly how this works but basically creates pressure in your throat before releasing it. Sort of clicking your throat!

Watch the video for an illustration of how it should look. Although initially challenging, with practice it eventually becomes easier and O-blow techniques can even be applied to more advanced tricks.

At its core, O-swinging can be relatively straightforward. However, you can add depth and speed by moving your jaw out a bit for greater speed and distance, pushing out when blowing out rings to add backspin, and keeping rings tightly together.

How to Perform Dragon Vape Tricks

A Dragon vape trick entails exhaling vapor from both corners of your mouth and nose simultaneously for an impressive effect that will surely impress friends.

Once your mouth is filled with vapor, exhale through both nostrils simultaneously while also expelling some through the corners of your mouth.

Maintain a tight seal around the center of your mouth without tightening too tightly at its corners. Exhaling through both your nose and mouth simultaneously is not always easy, but with practice, it should become less challenging.

How to Perform French Inhale Vape Tricks

The French Inhale is both straightforward and aesthetically pleasing. All it requires is taking some vapor in your mouth, and pushing out your bottom lip slightly. Then Slowly exhaling through your nose while inhaling through your mouth the remaining vapor left in there will follow if done correctly.

Practice this skill regularly and soon you’ll be able to perform a French Inhale. Ready for your next step?

How to Perform the Bane Vape Trick

How To Do Vape Tricks

The Bane Inhale is one of the coolest-looking tricks a vaper can perform. When accomplished it makes for quite an impressive appearance.

Once you know how to French Inhale properly, the next step should be learning Bane Inhaling. The key here is to make your mouthful of vapor as dense as possible. Practice this skill first before moving on!

Make a small inhale through your nose with your mouth slightly open. Extending your bottom lip, so the vapor naturally moves up toward it. French Inhaling works similarly except that this time you need to block some of your teeth with little gaps. So, the vapor escapes through them rather than going up towards your nose directly. This creates the Bane effect.


As you begin learning how to do vape tricks, we advise using a sub-ohm device with high VG content liquid to maximize vapor production in each toke. Making them simpler for beginners to grasp. This setup will also produce thicker clouds per inhale making these tricks simpler to learn!



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