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What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage?

Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly prevalent, and more people are opting to vape instead of smoking cigarettes. You can find various models, flavors, and accessories designed specifically to increase vaping interest.

Vaping has quickly become part of daily life for those who already use vape pens. Still, for those considering making vaping part of their daily lives. The question often arises as to whether it is possible to travel with one. Not all countries permit vaping. Airports often have specific rules concerning vapers.

Here we provide you with everything you need to know regarding whether it is possible and safe to travel with a vape device and what happens if you put a vape in checked luggage.

What Happens If You Put a Vape in Checked Luggage?

What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage

Vapes are not permitted in checked luggage and, if found, may be confiscated by officials as a potential safety hazard. Restrictions and regulations differ by airport and airline. Additionally, travelers must understand the local norms before traveling abroad.

Before packing and transporting a vape in your checked luggage, always consult with the airline first for any specific guidelines or restrictions that must be observed. Here are a few general rules to remember when transporting one.

  • Your vape can fit in your carry-on luggage provided it has no liquid or battery, and that it remains inside your bag untouched during the flight.
  • Individuals must check local laws before using any vaping devices. All liquids, including e-liquids, must be packed in a 3.4 oz container and sealed securely inside a quarter-sized resealable bag.
  • Before embarking, ensure all vape tanks and containers have been emptied of their contents and turned off the device.
  • Airline management reserves the right to deny boarding to anyone found breaking vaping device policies.

What are my options when traveling with vapes and accessories?

As previously discussed, carrying your vaporizer or battery in checked luggage is strictly forbidden. Only carrying your vape in hand luggage will guarantee an uneventful journey.

Keep this rule in mind at all airports worldwide and if you break it, your electronic cigarette and batteries could easily be confiscated.

Due to airport controls and warehouse handling processes, there is also the risk that your device could become damaged or may never leave. No airport will permit you to pass through without having your vape or lithium batteries confiscated.

Rules and Regulations for Airline Travel Regarding Vaping Devices

Airline restrictions regarding vape use vary, so it’s a good idea to visit their website before traveling with one. But there are some general guidelines you should abide by when it comes to taking vaping products onboard an aircraft.

  • Vapes may typically be stored in carry-on luggage provided they are empty and do not contain liquid or batteries.
  • Devices cannot be charged or used on board an airplane; for more specific policies on individual airlines.
  • Vaping devices must always be used according to local rules and regulations.
  • All liquids, including e-liquids, must be packaged in no more than 3.4-ounce containers and fit inside one transparent, quart-sized resealable bag.
  • Before embarking, all refillable vape tanks and containers must be emptied of their content, with any associated devices shut off.
  • Travelers should be aware that airlines reserve the right to deny boarding to anyone who fails to comply with policies concerning vaping equipment.

Tips for Transporting Vapes Safely in Checked Luggage

What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage

  • Place your vape in an airtight, securely sealed container or carrying case for added protection and easier transport. Doing this will prevent any leakage of liquid and protect it from potential damage while making transport simpler.
  • Pack the vape in a box or luggage with a hard-side exterior. This will prevent bumps or drops that might damage it during transportation.
  • Make sure that you abide by TSA regulations when transporting vape products, including informing a TSA employee of your device’s presence.
  • Remove batteries from any gadgets to prevent accidental discharging while traveling. By doing this, it will prevent the device from unexpectedly discharging while in transit.


Understanding and following regulations while traveling with a vape is vital when traveling internationally. Rules may differ depending on your airline, airport, or destination country. Therefore, make sure you contact your airline to take all the necessary steps for safe travel.



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