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How To Recharge Disposable Vape?

Not too long ago, disposable vapes took the market by storm. The impact was so great, that manufacturers started producing rechargeable disposable vape devices. Chargeable disposable vapes may seem to only offer a single or a few uses at most, making it hard to understand exactly what their purpose is and whether rechargeable ones provide any more or fewer capabilities than other rechargeable models.

Charging rechargeable disposable vape pens is often one of the more difficult aspects. In this article, we provide all the information you require regarding charging your disposable vape.

How Can I Determine If My Vape Is Rechargeable, Disposable?

How To Recharge A Disposable Vape?

Simply stated, any device with a charging port qualifies as a rechargeable disposable vape device. This could include old USB, micro USB, or even USB-C ports depending on its model.

Non-rechargeable disposable vape pens will typically not feature charging ports or any features at all, though some “traditional” vape pens might.

How to Charge Disposable Vape Device

Now that the confusion has been cleared up, we need to discuss how to recharge a disposable vape.

  • Locate the charging port
  • Connect your cable
  • Make sure the charging light is illuminated.

Key Information on Charging Ports

Charging ports shouldn’t cause you any alarm; all that’s needed is to make sure you have the appropriate charging cable and power source in place.

Most disposables feature micro USB ports. Simply grab a micro USB cable, connect one end of it to your device, and connect the other end to an available power source (wall socket or power bank).

Some disposable vape pens feature USB-C ports. To connect this kind of port, a C-type USB cable must be used. Use one end of the device while connecting its other end to either an adaptor or computer USB port.

These lightning charging cables offer great advantages: your device will charge faster.

How Can You Determine Whether Your Rechargeable Vape Is Charging?

Even disposable puff bars often include an indicator for battery charge status. Each model may vary, but most vape pens feature an LED color system that shows different stages of charge and one that indicates charging status.

Lost Mary OS5000 is one of the best rechargeable disposable vapes on the market. It features an LED battery indicator to make recharging simple and straightforward.

Red – low charge

Blue – medium charge

Green – full charge

As your device charges, its charging status will shift from red to blue and then green.

What If My Disposable Doesn’t Have an LED Battery Indicator?

If your disposable vape lacks an LED battery indicator, relying on your senses alone may be sufficient for battery management. Are You Feeling the Heat From Your Device? Vape pens should never become overheated while charging, though it’s normal for them to feel warm after charging. Can You Take a Puff? Stop charging after twenty minutes or so and take a puff. If it works, your cable and device were working as intended and were capable of providing charge.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vape pens don’t tend to have large internal batteries. The popular rechargeable Fresor B9000 only boasts 500mAh while Boom Max comes in at just 400mAh! Luckily charging them shouldn’t take too long either.

Disposable vape batteries should recharge within an hour. However, this could take longer if your device has reached its end-of-life stage. It’s possible that this means it’s time for an update.

How to Manually Charge a Disposable Vape?

If you still want to manually recharge your disposable vape’s battery, follow these steps.

Grab an Old Charger: When not connected to any power sources, cut off one end.

Strip the Wires: Peel back two inches of wire so that red and black wires are visible.

Unveil the Bare Wires: To uncover the bare wires, use wire cutters to remove black and red coating from each wire strand, leaving an inch or so of exposed wire visible.

Remove the Bottom of Your Disposable Vape: To open up your disposable vape, use pliers to take apart its bottom. Depending on its model, it may allow partial removal so as to gain access to its battery. For other models, however, all or parts may need to be completely taken apart in order to access its components.

Locate Positive and Negative Terminals: Once you’ve located a positive terminal (recognized by a + symbol), you should see it has a red wire attached. Similarly, negative terminals have black wires connected. If these terminals have tape covering their terminals, remove them immediately before moving forward with this process.

Attach alligator clips to the wires: To secure each wire separately, place an alligator clip over each negative black and positive red wire. Be sure not to let their tips overlap. Take care not to let red and black wires touch.

Connect the Dots: To connect your disposable vape, connect its red positive wire clip directly to the battery terminal that corresponds to its color; do the same for its black negative wire. After completing this step, your disposable vape should charge fully within about ten minutes.

Be wary, smoke is often an early indicator of danger. If you detect any smoke at all, unplug all devices immediately and seek medical advice immediately. We advise purchasing a disposable vape instead.

How Often Should You Charge a Disposable Vape?

How To Recharge A Disposable Vape?

Simply put, recharge your disposable vape as soon as the battery runs out. For optimal results, get your charger as soon as the LED flashes red – either way works just as well.

Your battery may become depleted if:

  • You don’t get much vapor
  • The flavor isn’t as intense
  • The LED light indicator is red

Keep this in mind when using rechargeable disposables – an empty tank of vape juice does not necessarily indicate battery capacity.


Now that you understand how to recharge a disposable vape. You can save money while enjoying it longer. Disposable vapes are straightforward to recharge when equipped with a charging port. Disposables without charging ports were never meant to be recharged, although innovative members of the vape community have come up with an almost foolproof method of doing so. Still, those without ample experience handling electrics should avoid trying this process themselves as it could contain serious dangers.


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