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How To Use A Yocan Vape?

Are you interested in how to use a Yocan vape? This guide will outline its basics and demonstrate its discreet design for easy vaping on-the-go. With its convection technology providing intense flavor, adjustable temperature control and 510 thread battery compatibility making this device suitable for experienced vapers as well as newcomers alike.

Yocan vape devices are very easy to use

How To Use A Yocan Vape

  • Start by first ensuring your battery is fully charged before using it for the first time. Then load your favorite material into the chamber according to manufacturer specifications, closing its lid securely.
  • To activate the device, just press and hold the power button for two seconds. From there you can customize temperature levels as per your desire. It has various LED colors which indicate temperatures ranging from blue (lowest temperature) to red (highest).

We’re going to walk you through each step of using the Yocan vape so you can start enjoying its benefits smoothly. In this blog post, we provide an easy step-by-step guide so that you can use the Yocan with confidence.

What Is A Yocan Vaping Device?

Yocan is an industry leader when it comes to creating high-quality vaping devices for concentrates, dry herbs and oils. Their variety of pens, box mods and pod systems offer something suitable for everyone while remaining portable, user friendly and cost effective without compromising performance, flavor or vapor production.

The Armor: This sleek and compact pen-style device for concentrates features a quartz dual coil, 380mAh battery and functional coil cap.

The Evolve Plus: For larger concentration sessions or when more power is needed. Featuring a powerful 1100mAh battery and built-in silicone jar;

The Evolve Plus XL: An innovative pen-style device for concentrates featuring a quad quartz coil, 1400mAh battery and an adjustable airflow valve; perfect for large and potency needs.

The X: An innovative pod system for concentrates, featuring a quartz dual coil pod with 500mAh capacity battery and magnetic connection.

Yocan vape devices are user-friendly, featuring an easy one-button design and micro USB charging port for effortless vaping experience. Available in various colors and styles to meet your preferences, Yocan devices are compatible with most 510 threaded cartridges for flexible use that make vaping more adaptable and convenient than ever.

Steps to Use Yocan Vape

Step 1: Assemble Your Supplies

Before beginning, make sure you have all of the required supplies:

  •  Yocan vape pen (model may differ)
  • E-liquid or concentrate (depending on your pen’s design) should be loaded into it for best performance.
  • Fully charged battery (if your pen uses removable batteries).
  • Charging cable (if applicable).
  • Referencing User Manual (for assistance).

Step Two: Charge Your Vape Pen

If your Yocan vape pen features a rechargeable battery, it is essential to begin charging it fully before use. Most Yocan pens use micro-USB charging cables that come included with their device and should be plugged into a computer or wall adapter before connecting one end of it directly to your vape pen and allow it to charge until indicated by an LED light or display.

Step 3: Assemble Your Yocan Vape Pen

Follow these steps to assemble the Yocan vape pen:

  • Secure any removable batteries to the base of the vape pen.
  • Attach the atomizer or heating chamber securely to the battery by screwing in its screws.
  • If your pen has adjustable airflow settings, make sure they match up to what works for you based on its model. This could vary depending on its design.

 Step 4: Fill the Atomizer

If you are using an e-liquid vape pen, follow these steps to fill its atomizer:

  • Unscrew the mouthpiece or top cap in order to gain access to the atomizer chamber.
  • Carefully fill your chamber with your chosen e-liquid using either a dropper or bottle’s nozzle, being careful not to overfill it.
  • Reattach the mouthpiece or top cap securely.
  • Concentrate vape pens require you to place only a small amount of your chosen concentrate onto the atomizer. Less is often more when it comes to concentrates as they can be potency.

Step 5: Turn On the Vape Pen

Most Yocan vape pens can be activated with a series of button presses; please follow these general steps:

  • Pressing the power button (usually the large one) five times quickly should activate the vape pen, and its LED indicator should illuminate.
  • If available on your model, to adjust power or temperature settings, refer to your user manual for instructions.
  • Press and hold the power button while inhaling to activate vaping.

 Step 6: Inhale and Enjoy

To inhale while holding down the power button, slowly and steadily inhale while holding down gently on the power button. Your vape pen will heat its atomizer, producing a vapor that you can inhale through its mouthpiece. Be mindful of any differences in draw resistance between vape pens as some require harder or softer inhalations than others.

Step 7: Switch Off and Clean the Power Off Switch

After you finish vaping, press the power button five times quickly to switch it off. Additionally, for optimal use and maintenance of your Yocan vape pen, consider regularly cleaning it by clearing away any residue from its atomizer and mouthpiece – follow your user manual’s cleaning instructions as necessary.

Step 8: Recharge (if applicable).

If your vape pen features a rechargeable battery, whenever the charge level falls below 60% it should be recharged using the steps outlined in Step 2. Connect the charging cable as per Step 2, wait until it fully charges before using again.

Are Yocan Vapes Good?

How To Use A Yocan Vape

Yocan Vapes Are Reliable Yocan vapes have earned themselves a solid reputation within the vaping community as being reliable and high-quality options for vaping concentrates. Their devices boast durability and effectiveness while remaining affordable.

Yocan vapes offer users numerous advantages due to their adaptability. Many models can work with different concentrates like wax, shatter and oil for maximum versatility. Perfect for users who like experimenting with various varieties and require devices which can accommodate changing preferences.

Yocan vapes are known for being both versatile and user-friendly, featuring intuitive controls to easily adjust temperature settings and other vaping preferences for an enjoyable vaping experience. Furthermore, these devices tend to be easy to clean and maintain – helping prolong their lifespan as a result!


Yocan vape pens offer an easy and enjoyable vaping experience when used correctly and with proper knowledge and preparation. Always refer to your vape pen’s user manual for instructions, as these may differ depending on its model. With proper use and maintenance, Yocan vapor pens provide a simple yet efficient means of enjoying your favorite e-liquids or concentrates.





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