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Does CBD Make You Bigger?

CBD (cannabidiol) has become an incredibly popular health supplement over time due to its potential health benefits. It is linked to the cannabis plant. Unfortunately, however, misconceptions and myths still surround CBD that have led to questions like “Does CBD make you bigger?”. We will explore whether or not there’s truth behind these claims by exploring how it affects body size in relation to CBD usage.

What is CBD?

Does CBD Make You Bigger?

CBD, or cannabidiol (CBD), is an abundant naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. As one of over one hundred known cannabinoids found within cannabis plants. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is probably best-known, yet unlike THC it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects or alter one’s state of mind. Instead, CBD interacts with our body’s own endocannabinoid system for therapeutic benefits.

Does CBD Have Psychoactive Properties?

Psychoactive substances include any substance which alters brain and/or body function and mood. Clinical studies have confirmed that higher doses of CBD can effectively lower anxiety. It has also been noted in multiple studies to lead to increased sleepiness. All this evidence clearly establishes its psychoactivity as an active psychoactive substance.

CBD does not cause intoxication, unlike its cousin Bhang. Intoxicants affect your ability to make decisions and manage movements. Think about when someone drinks too much alcohol; that loss of control is known as intoxication. CBD doesn’t possess these intoxicating qualities and doesn’t present a risk for misuse nor does it get you high (more on this shortly).

Myth: CBD Will Make Me Bigger

There’s a popular misconception that CBD consumption will lead to weight gain or body size expansion. But this is untrue! CBD does not cause weight gain directly.

Studies and anecdotal reports indicate that CBD could actually have the opposite effect, leading to potential changes in body weight. Here are several ways in which it could potentially influence body weight:

Appetite Regulation: CBD may help to modulate the endocannabinoid system, which plays a vital role in controlling appetite. Some individuals use CBD to help manage their appetite and potentially aid with weight management.

Metabolism Support: CBD may interact with receptors involved in metabolic processes, suggesting it could assist with supporting a healthy metabolism. According to some research, it could aid in supporting this vital organ’s health.

Stress and Anxiety Relief: Many individuals use CBD for stress and anxiety relief, which in turn may promote healthier eating habits and weight management.

Chronic Inflammation and Pain Relief: Chronic inflammation can be one factor that contributes to weight gain or difficulty losing it, so CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory properties could offer relief and aid weight management.

Enhancing Sleep: CBD may also be used by some to promote better restful nights. Quality restful rest is integral for overall health and can even have an indirect influence on body weight.

Note that the effects of CBD vary widely according to individual, with no one experiencing identical outcomes; its potential impact on weight and body size is limited at best.

Lifestyle and Diet can Affect Wellness Status

Does CBD Make You Bigger?

Diet and lifestyle have the greatest effect on body size and weight than CBD alone. CBD may offer potential weight management benefits as part of a holistic approach to overall health and well-being.


Overall, CBD does not increase weight. Instead, its potential health benefits could include appetite regulation, metabolism support, stress relief, pain relief, and improved sleep – as well as overall well-being benefits. Before considering CBD for specific health goals or purposes, consult with a healthcare professional first so as to ensure it fits with your specific requirements and circumstances. Remember that eating healthily and leading an active lifestyle are the keys to managing body size and weight management. Using CBD should simply serve as another complementary tool in your overall wellness toolbox.



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